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Shelter Bay Tomatoes - For your Health

Shelter Bay Tomatoes wants to make sure your family is getting the best, healthiest option for tomatoes and vegetables.

We will specialize in organically-grown tomatoes and companion crops (like lettuce, basil, spinach, cilantro and arugula). We will grow everything in a controlled environment, using no herbicides or pesticides. These greenhouses, like most modern greenhouses, are designed to keep pests out.

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We Encourage Capital Memberships!

Greenhouse tomatoe growing Munising, MI


Shelter Bay Tomato Co. LLC is looking for Risk Capital Memberships which start at $2,000.

We are looking for those with risk captial that want to become a member (read shareholder) of The Shelter Bay Tomato Co. LLC. So get to know us. Please emai your questions to, or call John A. Hust 1-906-892-8653.

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Fresh, Great Quality - You can't go wrong!

plantingWe will be reducing import and transportation costs by growing food locally, where the Upper Peninsula's fresh food travels at a growing average of 1500 miles.

We will grow, pick and deliver ripened tomatoes to our U.P. and Northern Wisconsin neighbors within 24 hours.

Initially, we will focus on local fine grocers and restaurants, who face increasing costs of transportation. Those restaurants and grocers who have sampled our tomatoes RAVE about the taste and freshness, saying the quality is better than summer produce from Florida, Mexico or California.


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We buyback tomatoes to make byproducts

We could provide fresh produce, even in the winter months and could offer buyback to grocery stores for unsold produce to make sauces, salsas and other byproducts.

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